Let’s make a fort….

Blanket forts! Growing up there was no better way to spend a rainy afternoon than at my grandparents house with my siblings and cousins building blanket forts in the living room or in the hall “airing cupboard”. We used to use a wooden clothes dryer as a frame work and drape thick wool blankets (I adore those blankets!) that my grandparents have owned since they married 56 years ago.  Looking back now I can remember us all squashing into the “tent” and thinking it was huge. We piled pillows in, more blankets and toys. We spent hours playing in these little forts. Thinking they were the size of a circus tent in reality they were tiny. My nan would make us little picnic plates up to share in the tent.

tearful teething toddler so we r having supper early on my bed watching cbeebies...theres nothing a cuppa can't solve #toddler #mummydaughter #irish #hubbyshidingfromthecrying

We would read books, colour in, play camping, hide and seek and of course pretend to sleep, snoring sound effects and all! (Why is it that kids love to play sleep in teepee’s / pillow forts etc but when it comes bedtime they just wont close their eyes?!)

Since "mini's" moved to her toddler bed she likes me to read her to sleep. She likes "special stories" that she lies and listens to with her eyes closed. This was tonights picks.. Gerry the giraffe is the best! #books #routine #bookworm #vintagebooks #toddler

On a recent visit to my grandparents I asked where the wooden clothes dryer (our fort frame) had went to and my nan said it had eventually fallen apart (is it any wonder?). But she whipped out the trusty wool blankets and pulled the two living room armchairs together and let Mini play in her own fort. Surrounded by the same pillows and blankets as I had in my childhood blanket fort. We even played pretend sleeping with the snoring of course! She loved it. I loved it! It’s the simple fun activities, that are the best when your little!

Building another blanket fort is on our to do list for the next rainy day, which lets face it is probably tomorrow with our current weather! If you fancy some inspiration for building the perfect blanket fort you can have a peek here .

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April’s inbox – monthly favourites

I thought i’d share a few of my favourite products i’ve been sent over the past few months.

Peamutt butter. If you follow me on instagram you’ll know I love my dogs! My own little schnoodle and my parents old english sheepdogs and lurcher, feature heavily throughout my pictures. So I was delighted to get sent a tub of Peamutt butter for them. A new product from Duerr’s. Peamutt butter is made from Roasted Peanuts (97.5%) and Palm Oil. This is perfect for a little treat for pets, I gave them it spread on some dog biscuits, but you could put into one of the entertaining toys such as a kong etc. It is advisable to supervise them when they try it, as with humans dogs can have allergies or intolerances and ensure fresh waters available for them. april fave 4
Peamutt butter gets a big paws up from Ellie :)
april fave 3

Thomas  J fudge flapjacks, seriously hands down the nicest flapjacks I have had! Great with a cuppa and perfect size for a snack on the go for Mini.

april fave 1

I’m a vegetarian, who eats a vegan diet unintentionally 90% of the time (I don’t eat dairy). When I first went veggie one of my worries was, would I be getting enough of my daily vitamins and minerals, once meat was cut out. I started a vitamin complex but noticed it wasn’t vegetarian friendly!?! Luckily the lovely folks at Vertese sent me some of their Vertese supplements, including the Mushroom D, Multivitamin & Mineral complex. I love the Vertese brand, their ethos is great, they only source their ingredients from vegan sources. They never test on animals and their products are specifically tailored to support a vegetarian and vegan diet. I highly recommend these!

mushroom-d multivitamin-mineral1

Being a unnatural blonde, trips to the hairdresser become a frequent feature in your life. One of the main issues I have found between salon visits is the tendency of my blonde hair to become warmer toned aka slightly brassy. To combat this I use a range of different violet / purple shampoos to main a cooler tone. Smart beauty recently sent me a few of their express colour pots to try. These essentially work like a toner. Apply to wet hair for about 5 minutes and rinse off. I have used these over the past two months especially when I want to eliminate some warmth from the colour. I’ve found they work really well and plan to use my last half pot on my hair this week before my sisters wedding!
april fave 5 april fave 2

Hope you enjoyed this little round up and keep an eye out next month for a may round up!