Easter Basket




Easter is one of my fave times of the year. I love it, not as much as I love Christmas but I love it none the less. We hold Christian beliefs as a family so Easter has always been something I have celebrated growing up. We had/have a little Easter Sunday lunch, go to Church etc but also had fun with the lighter side of Easter like chocolate, fluffy bunnys and egg hunts. I have such happy Easter memories from over the years that when “Mini” arrived I wanted to start our own little Easter traditions for her. So last year I started the tradition of  decorating the house for Easter and making up a little Easter basket for her. This year you may have spotted my fireplace Easter decor on instagram which is a little bit of fun. I haven’t decorated as much as normal as we aren’t 100% sorted interiors wise in our new house yet, but I have decorated our little hall area too and hope to get my Easter tree up this week too (which you know will end up on instagram, darn it i’m turning into an addict!).

I have finished “Mini’s” Easter basket for this year though and i’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out…


This year I wanted to get an actual basket as last year I used a Easter bag. I found this cute basket in my fave store Tkmaxx, it’s Mint in colour the same as “Mini’s” feature wall in her room, so it will be used to store something in her room after Easter.

This years basket features a good bit more sweet items than last year, but these will be rationed ha don’t worry she won’t be scoffing them all in one day! She has got some choccie eggs, carrot shaped chocolate, a marshmallow stack which is adorable featuring a bunny, 2 chicks and a little sheep. 2 Easter cookies one a Chick and the other a egg with Happy Easter on it (to be honest these won’t be eaten as cookies that are able to be eaten after being on a shelf for dear knows how long kinda unnerves me ha, there is something kind of wrong about that? no?! So suppose you could say they are actually decorations).

easterbasket2 The main Chocolate item is a lovely little lamb! I opted for this instead of an egg this year, well because it was so cute!! It’s from Lidl and cost about £1.99/£2.99 I think? They have a great range including a chicken on a nest which is amazing (I’m popping into get one this week for our Easter party next Friday).

easterbasketI always get her little themed colouring books each celebration/ season and found this cute Easter one in a local card store. “Mini” loves Stickers so I got this little set from I think home bargains uk (I’m a bit obsessed with that store). Her bff Bunny has patterned bunny ears and when I spotted this little bunny ear head band in this similar print I had to get her it. Nice little addition for her dressing up drawer.

It’s not a Easter Basket without an soft toy and despite the fact that she has a ton of bunny toys I couldn’t resist picking her up this Easter Bunny from Poundland recently, to add to her collection.

The cute little purse is another home bargains buy (I actually got the Christmas one for her Christmas eve box) “Mini” likes to play shops so this little purse will be a hit i’m sure. Finally and my fave little thing from her Easter basket has to be this gorgeous felt bird house decoration from Tkmaxx. It’s so sweet and will be going up in her room all year round after Easter.

I’m so looking forward to giving her this little basket!


When did a night out become a trip to tesco’s?

I adore being a sahm, I love being with Mini every day, I spend every waking minute with her and honestly love it, I hate leaving her with anyone else, even when I have to like the odd time I have appointments etc. However when she is asleep at night and hubby’s home, I do like to get out occasionally on my own or with a friend somewhere. Even for just an hour. I’m not talking glam nights out, or anything fancy, just something simple, like getting out a walk. Or having a little dander around the local shopping centre without a buggy, ahh the bliss that is walking down a shop aisle without banging into shelves or nearly cutting the ankles off fellow shoppers. Or grabbing a cuppa with a friend when we have time to chat without the kids about.

Well I thought i’d share my latest mega night out with you … my trip to .. Tesco’s! (Yes Tesco, my mega nights out have gone from night clubs to supermarkets, oh how times change.)

Firstly you gotta start the “mega night out” off right and take full advantage of a child free car journey. So naturally I turned the music way up and sang like a loon at the top of my lungs the whole way to the store and threw in the odd in car dance move too. Am I the only mum who does this? Just me? haha any how. When I finally arrived into the car park and swung into a space (not a mummy and baby space, anyone else feel funny about using them if your littles aren’t around?) first thing I spotted was another mum (she has a little baby on board sign in her window) sitting in her car  with the music up full whack singing at the top of her lungs whilst scrolling through her phone, in the darkness of the carpark. Yes, I thought i’m not the only one who’s mega nights out are Tesco trips!

Seeing her made me feel slightly less pathetic about how excited I was to be walking into Tesco’s for a hour pushing a trolley without a toddler at eye level, suggesting we buy everything Peppa Pig in sight and critiquing the other shoppers! (please tell me Mini isn’t the only toddler who looks and fellow shoppers and says things like “oh pretty hair” or “oh mummy he’s grumpy!”?)

I headed for the home-ware section first with the idea of maybe picking up a candle or too but not buy anything else really, apart from milk.  Well my plan went out the window because Tesco had some great little sale gems. So my trolley ended up like this below:

tesco,,I got some gorgeous cushions for my spare room / dressing room/ office / mini & I’s make up room, some big girl vests for Mini, some comfy joggers with a gorgeous bird print on them for her too. Two Christmas clothing items for Mini for next year a dress and a jumper. Some cupcake decorations for when we get our bake on! A reward chart and some stickers, a snood and mittens for mini and a mason jar mug for moi and a dvd for hubby!  oh and the milk.

tescoNot bad for about £30! To be honest I could have come out with so much more but I didn’t want to go crazy, so stuck to only buying clearance / sale items. I have my eye on some new items though including a gorgeous pink (lemonade) I think candle and a couple more cushions.

I also grabbed a sneaky diet coke and a creme egg for the car journey home (you’d think I was talking 30 mins plus hah it’s more like 15 or less!) I left feeling like one happy mummy, a little retail therapy does the body good (even if it is in Tesco or Tegoo’s as Mini calls it). All in all it was pretty fab little night out to myself!