Bioskin Junior

Bioskin Junior

Recently I was approached by the lovely people at Salcura -natural skin therapy to ask if Mini would be interested in trying out (**) some of their Bioskin junior range. We were more than happy to do so. As the winter is fast approaching and the weather has turned much cooler again, i’ve started to think more about Mini’s skin and ensuring it is kept healthy and protected against the daily conditions. She has sensitive and dry prone skin (Eczema runs in the family), so I always choose our skincare products carefully. I try to avoid lots of chemicals and opt for more natural gentler ingredients when choosing new products . As the Bioskin junior range uses only 100% natural ingredients I was really interested to try it out for Mini.


The Bioskin junior range includes the active therapy range of daily nourishing spray and outbreak rescue cream as well as a bath time range including shampoo and the two products we were sent for review the bath milk and the face and body wash.

Bath milk rrp £9.99 . I don’t know about you but my lasting memory of bath milk for dry skin or eczema is that super oily greasy liquid, that turns the bath into an ice rink and the child’s skin into something quite like that of a slippery fish! I have memories of my mum gripping my little sisters arm when she was really small, whilst she bathed so as she didn’t fall over and crack her head on the bath due to the bath milk/oils. So when I first tried this bath milk for Mini I thought this would be quite similar. How wrong was I. The bath water turns a lovely cloudy white, but doesn’t feel oily or greasy, nor does Mini’s skin. The bath doesn’t turn all slippery and dangerous either which is great. The bath milk really nourishes her little skin, it’s so gentle and the scent is lovely. For some more info have a peek at the little vid below:

Face and body wash rrp £8.99 This is super lovely. It’s a great gentle product, perfect for washing little delicate faces. No tears which is great. We use this in the shower, it’s great as both a shower gel and a shampoo. It leaves her hair really soft and lovely. The scent is really lovely like the bath milk, it;s lovely and fresh and not too over powering. I really like the little cap too, that it’s a push up cap makes it so handy when using it one handed for a little one.

Both these products have been great for Mini’s skin, they are perfect products for daily use and we will be using these throughout the winter months to keep her skin in tip top condition!

Both these products and all of the range can be purchased here!


Who says Thomas the tanks just for boys?!

I am very lucky, that I grew up in a really creative family, well my mum’s side of the family really. Mum is a brilliant artist in her spare time and created the most amazing fairytale murals spanning our whole bedroom when my sister and I were small and even did our playroom bathroom have a peek here at it. My mum’s parents are also really creative, my gran’s a fantastic knitter and seamstress and my granda a brilliant self taught carpenter. One of the many creations my granda made for the grandchildren including me, was a kid life sized Thomas the Tank with not one but two carriages which could accommodate all 9 grandchildren at once. My granda built the Thomas Frame from scratch to fit perfectly attached to a peddle go kart. He also built the two carriages from scratch and painted the whole train too himself, to perfectly resemble Thomas.

At the time my little brother and 4 boy cousins were Thomas mad and this Thomas was intended really for them. But my sister, me and my two girl cousins loved it just as much. Being the oldest I always got the short straw and had to be the “driver” aka the peddler, though if there was 9 of us in it at once one of the adults normally helped out a bit too! It was a firm family favourite for years and years till we all were well grew out of it. (I think it’s about 16/18 years old)

Thomas then went into semi-retirement, in the back shed, stored carefully, but he hadn’t been out of the shed for a good 5-6 year or so. To be honest i’d almost forgot about him, then last week me and Mini popped up to my granparents house and when we drove round the corner there was Thomas in the drive gleaming waiting for Mini.

thomasMy granda had decided she was big enough to at least sit in it, so out of retirement Thomas came. My gran spent ages cleaning him and the carriages ready for her. I don’t think Mini knew what to do when she spotted it. She was so excited. She ran up to him, inspecting every little detail. Getting down on her knees to say hello to his big smiley face. Checking the whistle worked, the steering wheel etc. She spent the next hour and a half in and out of the drivers seat. Putting her teddy and dolls in the carriage, going for drives around the house (with me pushing it) both in the driver seat and carriage. She had a ball. My grandparents were both over the moon too that she loves it. It’s so lovely to see her love “TommY” as she calls him, as much as we all did. He may be a little rougher around the edges than he was new but he provided Mini  that afternoon, with as much fun and enjoyment as we had playing 16 years ago. I’m sure many a afternoon will be spent with him over the years to come. I just can’t wait till she can push herself and the two carriages round the house ;)