Chemist Direct… a review

I was recently approached by Chemist Direct asking if If I was interested in “trying out” their online chemist shopping experience. I instantly liked the idea of an online chemist, how handy to have the option to order your prescriptions from the comfort of your home and likewise access the online doctor services. I know as a busy mum with a “young child” it can be sometimes hard to get to the chemist, so having the option of using a website like this really appealed to me. The website, has a number of different delivery options including next day delivery.

As well as the healthcare options provided, Chemist direct also sells a large variety of toiletries , travel shop products and pet healthcare items.

I was provided with a £50 voucher code to use, so what would £50 get you when spent on Chemist direct?

htc fone 2749

I opted to go with a variety of products, something for every member of our little family, including:

For “Mini”- Baby dream- baby wipes

For Hubby- Radox mens shower & shampoo

Dove  men + care

For Oscar (our schnoodle) -Pedigree dentastix’s pack of 28

Johnson’s dog shampoo

Johnson’s eye & ear wipes

For myself- Batatise dry shampoo

Schwarzkopf heat protection spray

Vaseline sheer infusion body lotion

Vaseline spray and go moisturiser

Malibu tropical tanning mist

Lypsey! strawberry lip balm

Slim Fast bars

For all the family- Simple kind to skin handwash

Centraben moisturiser

chemist direct

I was impressed with the range of products available, in all the categories. The site was easy to navigate, the only thing I didn’t like was that once you add an item to your “shopping cart” and carry on shopping it brings you back to the main menu rather than the page you were viewing before adding the item to your cart. It did make the whole process a bit more drawn out. The prices are good with great offers on some products of 40- 50% off rrp, which appeals to a bargain hunter like myself!

Overall my experience using Chemist Direct has been a positive one and I will use the website again!

*I was sent the £50 voucher in exchange for this post, all my views are honest and my own.

Britmum’s Live 2015 – loved, liked, loathed….

So that’s Britmums 2015 done and dusted….

To be honest I can’t quite believe that it has been and gone already, it seems only yesterday when I booked my ticket and secured my lovely sponsor GLUEGUNS DIRECT ,   and now it’s over. There were bits I “loved”, lots of bits I “liked” and a few I “loathed” haha, so here’s my little rambly round up of this years shenanigans.


My weekend started early as I flew over on Thursday early afternoon, a day early  to spend some time with the two lovelies that are Andrea & Gemma. We had a lovely afternoon/ evening shopping on Oxford street, exploring Selfridges make up department, ohhing and ahhing at everything in the Disney store and gasping at the price of underwear in Victoria secret! Taking the wrong tubes, taking selfies on escalators and inside a pumpkin (yes really!) giggling like school girls about everything and anything. It was a proper girls day and I loved every minute of it, it was so lovely to get some time in person with them both rather than on skype.

pumkin selfie

Friday morning to start off with was super, I woke for some reason at 5.30 about 2 hours earlier than the other two and happily spent some time just relaxing (it was so strange being child free!) At about 10 am I suddenly started to feel very sick, this turned rapidly into me spending about literally 3 hours in the bathroom being sick and sitting with my feet in the bath of cold water in an attempt to feel better. It triggered a bit of a panic attack re being in London feeling so unwell and the stress of being away from home, possibly having to miss the conference and having to travel home feeling like that. I also felt so bad for the two girls sharing with me as I felt I was putting a downer on their trip. But they were super and popped to the chemist got me some medication, some water etc and after lying in bed until around 1.30 and having my dad ring me and tell me to basically man up and get out of the hotel room,  I finally felt well enough to get it together to go to the conference thank goodness!  Andrea was amazing as she did my make up for me so literally all I needed to do was put my clothes on and go.

make up 2

We arrived in time to registered and head straight in for the keynotes, I loved listening to deliciously Ella speak (keynote speaker), as she is someone I have followed on ig and her blog for a long time, likewise the ice breaker world record attempt was fun, and something a bit different from the norm. I’m really glad I didn’t miss the first day as I loved that I got the chance to meet so many other blogger’s who I hadn’t seen since the previous year like Donna ( what the redhead said) and Sarah, Lucinda, Donna (london mum) and so many more. As well as meeting bloggers that,  I had never met in person until then but admired online for ages like Martyn, Jade, Jess, Emily and Kerry. Friday night we had planned to go to dinner with a bunch of bloggers after the bibs but as I was still not feeling 100% and by that point Andrea was feeling a bit ill too a smaller group of us skipped the awards and went for a quiet early dinner instead, which was lovely.


Saturday thankfully I was feeling much better, Gemma and I even managed to grab a cooked breakfast at the hotel before we went early ish for the conference, meeting Martyn on route!  The second day of Britmums seemed more relaxed? I don’t know if that was me feeling that particularly because I wasn’t feeling unwell or stressed about being unwell, but it all seemed much more easy going.  It was also day two that I found that some of the brands teams seemed to be more approachable than their colleagues had been the previous day.

britmums 3


One of my highlights of the weekend was meeting Fiona from Dolly Dowsie, she’s such a gorgeous lady and her blog is beautiful, such an inspiration to me. As well as Martyn, he’s such a gem a true gent and had me laughing whenever we spoke, he’s so witty! and of course getting this years #toiletselfie with the gorge Donna ( Love her lots!) .It was so lovely to be able to meet people in person and for them to be just as fantastic in real life as I believed them to be when reading their blogs or interact with them online (there were a few who were less than friendly but the less said about them the better) I do wish I had got to speak to more people but never spotted even half the people I had hoped I would.

britmums 5

I was a bit unimpressed with the mannerism of some of the pr’s in attendance who didn’t actually seem to want to speak to at least me anyway, which seemed odd.  There were others such as carnival cruises and Beattie communications teams who were really lovely though. I attended a few sessions but not as many as last year, opting to go with the more social aspects. I do think the Brewery is a great setting for the event, especially the gorgeous outside spaces! The craft area was beautifully laid out but never seemed busy to me when I looked in and I missed the buzz of the morrisons area from last year.  Though I do wish I had got to sit in the craft area and do some crafts but I opted to spend my time socialising with people instead, it did look fab though and the ladies who were singing were great, so talented! I wish the bloggers keynotes had been before the bibs instead of the last item on Saturday evening, as I would have stayed for them, as both this year and last I had to miss them so I could get back to the airport in time for my flight if I wanted to get home before midnight Saturday evening.  As I had a flight to catch home and Andrea had an early train we left early on Saturday, to give us time to get to Paddington (missing the large protest parade scheduled near by that day) and to pop back to Disney store and grab the kids some little momento’s. It was nice to be able to head home in a chilled out way rather than the rushed way I did the previous year. I even managed to grab some cake and a cuppa in the airport, lovely way to end the trip!

britmums 6



Over all, Britmums 2015 was a bit of a different experience for me from last years, I thought the brand area wasn’t as good as the previous year. I loved the social aspect  of meeting all you gorgeous folk face to face. However I didn’t come home feeling super inspired but I didn’t feel like I wanted to ditch blogging either which seemed to be a theme after last years event. Will I go next year? hmm i’m not sure..


I would like to say a huge thank you to Glueguns direct for sending me to this years conference! Look forward to getting back into crafting and showcasing their wonderful products throughout the coming months!