Diy New Baby Gift Basket

One of my best friends is expecting her first little one this week, so I seized the chance to ease myself back into a little diy / crafting by making her up a new baby gift basket.  Now I am being a bit gutsy with this one as she hasn’t actually told me she’s having a girl, though she knows what she’s having. But i’m 90% positive she is having a girl so I went with that theme as you’ll see below.  I bought her a number of little things and products I love like the Cjs butters and the Weleda lotion as well as some other bits and pieces. For the actual gift basket itself, I wanted to create something quite modern, chic but cute? so..


I started with a small rectangle wicker dark stained basket and painted it with the help of “Mini” the shade – Marshmallow Matt from the colours collection from B&Q. I bought two of the tester pots in this shade and this was just enough to cover the basket. Though I was going for a light almost distressed paint look if your looking to have more coverage, another pot or two would probably be needed. Once the paint dried (2 hours left to dry) I glued on grey lace ribbon around the middle which was bought in a local haberdashery. I used my Glueguns Direct tec 305- 12 hotmelt gun from my britmums sponsor glue guns direct  for this and the all purpose clear glue. Once that was done I hot glued on the tissue pom ruffle flower to the middle of the ribbon at the front of the basket.

gift basket collage 2

I  purchased the wrapping paper and gift tags from tesco in shades to match my paint. I added little tags to each gift with little light hearted  notes such as “this will come in handy if a poo-nami hits whilst out and about, if you don’t know what that is? you soon will!”  attached to the feather print wet bag pressie.

Once everything was wrapped I added some white shredded paper to the bottom of the basket, just to give it that extra “gift basket” touch. then arranged the gifts in the basket and finally hot glued two more bows onto two of them as a little finishing touch.

gift basket collageI’m pretty pleased with it. I hope she likes it too, here’s hoping I’m right on the gender!


Family fun.. with Aveeno!

This is a little bit of a different type of post for me, a kind of scary one almost as for the first time ever I have been doing a little vlogging! Recently I teamed up with Aveeno to capture a little of our family fun using a lovely little go pro and have included a little video at the end of this post.

If your a regular reader of mine you will have probably seen some of my previous posts about Aveeno skincare line and how much we love the products. We genuinely use something from the Aveeno range everyday, “Mini” and I both use the bath and shower oil, it has done wonders for her skin and mine and honestly I wouldn’t go back to my old shower gel now. I also use the moisturising lotion everyday as it has really helped my skin improve over all,especially my hands, which seemed to have taken a bit of a battering from the elements this past winter. I have written about Aveeno here previously if you want to pop over and have a peek.

I wanted to share with you guys that Aveeno have released their second book :The Dry Adventures of Ellie and Eddie – Happy Skin Holidays, which is available to download now! Written by Penelope Harper who also wrote the first book in the series too (the Dry adventures of Ellie and Eddie – bye bye dry skin). The new/ second book focuses on the challenges associated with skincare routines whilst out and about. It’s a great book to help little ones get to grips with the importance of maintaining their skincare routines in order to keep their skin healthy even when on holidays! Mini really liked the little book and i’m sure your little ones will too!

I thought it would be nice to capture a couple little snippets of our week for you guys so the vlog includes little bits and bobs, including our little morning routine featuring Aveeno, a trip to nannies, The Balmoral show (the biggest agricultural show in N,Ireland * any products/brands in the balmoral clips are not sponsored or associated with this post) and a few fun bits including a little random snippet of my brother djing at work. All in all a random mix but hope you enjoy!





DISCLAIMER: I have been gifted the GoPro® camera by the AVEENO® brand to help create this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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