Preschooler Wedding Survival Pack!

This weekend Mini will be attending her first ever wedding! She is a flower girl in my younger sisters wedding.  Mini has never been to a church service (I know shame on me), so this will be her first experience of that, combined with her first wedding. We had the rehearsal last night and she was well behaved but she was her normal chatty self, which everyday is great but not so great in a massive big old echo-y quiet church. You can imagine what it was like! Cue the nerves on my part! As i’m a bridesmaid I can’t even sit beside her during the service as she is sitting in the second row and i’m in the first. I’m relying on the other flower girl who’s ten to keep a rein on her. Ahh this could be chaos! I swear I hardly slept last night with worry, the fact that I was slathered in fake tan, probably didn’t help matters much either. Any how, this morning I woke with a plan, I would have to make her up a wedding survival pack. I made these for the children attending our wedding 6 years ago, and left them on their seats. They seemed to go down well with them and their parents so I decided I’d get one for Mini.


When I made them up for my wedding I tried to theme them around wedding things and ordered kids wedding games and colouring books etc but as I left it so late in the day (the weddings in less than 24 hours) I had to opt for whatever I could get my hands on last minute.

IMG_0048 Mini is travelling to my parents house with my hubby (I am staying the night before), on the morning of the wedding. She will be arriving about 10ish and the service is at one. We will have photos. hairdressers the whole shabang at the house. She might have to wait around a little bit for us, so I got her this little Frozen book to flip through whilst we finish getting ready. She’s a huge Elsa and Anna fan and a real book worm, I think it’s safe to say this will go down well.


For the church, I purchased a tiny etch-sketch, I figured this is a “quiet” toy, something she can entertain herself with the other flower girl without making too much noise. This was actually originally attached to the Frozen book, I just cut them apart to use as two activities. I’m going to get one of the guests to leave this on her chair in the church before she arrives.


At the wedding reception Mini will be sitting at a table with hubby and about 7 or 8 or my cousins. She loves them all, so she’ll be happy as larry sitting there im sure but I thought I’d get a few things to keep her entertained during the speeches. Mini is obsessed with shopkins (darn you youtube unboxing videos) I spotted this color and sticker shopkins pack in tesco this morning reduced to £3.00, which is perfect and grabbed a pack of tescos own twistable crayons (no felt tips today, could you imagine felt tip and a white flower girl dress!!!) I think these were £0.70. I also lifted a pack of snaps cards Frozen themed for £0.60 from home bargains. This should keep her entertained long enough to get the speeches done and dusted, I hope.

IMG_0050Mini loves blind bags (again another thing she’s discovered on youtube) I got two of the my little pony bags, these are £2.00 each from tesco, whilst browsing for these I spotted these little barbie mega block figures, I think they were reduced to £1.75 each in tesco too. This little bundle is just to give her randomly throughout the day, to entertain her if need be in car or whilst waiting on photo’s etc. IMG_0052

Finally theses are more essentials than activity items, whilst in home bargains I spotted this munchkin straw cup for under £2.00 and although she doesnt use these often she does use my mason jar or straw cups alot for juice at home, so this is a good on the go option for drinks throughout the day. The lid flips shut and it will only have water in it to avoid any stained dress drama! Like wise the wipes are just a mummy essential for her hands face etc throughout the day so they are going into the bag too.


I put all these into a gift bag, as i’m a bridesmaid I can’t carry a bag and I doubt hubby wants to carry any of my bags as we dont use a changing bag. So this will just look like a wedding present bag! I just hope we don’t leave it behind! So that’s my preschoolers wedding survival pack! Wish me/ us luck for our first wedding as a family!

Let’s make a fort….

Blanket forts! Growing up there was no better way to spend a rainy afternoon than at my grandparents house with my siblings and cousins building blanket forts in the living room or in the hall “airing cupboard”. We used to use a wooden clothes dryer as a frame work and drape thick wool blankets (I adore those blankets!) that my grandparents have owned since they married 56 years ago.  Looking back now I can remember us all squashing into the “tent” and thinking it was huge. We piled pillows in, more blankets and toys. We spent hours playing in these little forts. Thinking they were the size of a circus tent in reality they were tiny. My nan would make us little picnic plates up to share in the tent.

tearful teething toddler so we r having supper early on my bed watching cbeebies...theres nothing a cuppa can't solve #toddler #mummydaughter #irish #hubbyshidingfromthecrying

We would read books, colour in, play camping, hide and seek and of course pretend to sleep, snoring sound effects and all! (Why is it that kids love to play sleep in teepee’s / pillow forts etc but when it comes bedtime they just wont close their eyes?!)

Since "mini's" moved to her toddler bed she likes me to read her to sleep. She likes "special stories" that she lies and listens to with her eyes closed. This was tonights picks.. Gerry the giraffe is the best! #books #routine #bookworm #vintagebooks #toddler

On a recent visit to my grandparents I asked where the wooden clothes dryer (our fort frame) had went to and my nan said it had eventually fallen apart (is it any wonder?). But she whipped out the trusty wool blankets and pulled the two living room armchairs together and let Mini play in her own fort. Surrounded by the same pillows and blankets as I had in my childhood blanket fort. We even played pretend sleeping with the snoring of course! She loved it. I loved it! It’s the simple fun activities, that are the best when your little!

Building another blanket fort is on our to do list for the next rainy day, which lets face it is probably tomorrow with our current weather! If you fancy some inspiration for building the perfect blanket fort you can have a peek here .

*Link included in post