Get a good nights sleep with JOHNSON’s Baby bedtime

If you are a regular reader of my little blog (thanks so much if you are!) then you may have seen me chat about JOHNSON’S baby products from time to time. It’s safe to say we are fans!  I was given so many gorgeous JOHNSON’S products as gifts when Mini was born that we didn’t have to buy any for a whole year (I used to have a shelf just for them in her wardrobe). So when I was asked if we wanted to try (**) a few products from the Bedtime range we were more than happy to do so.


We were sent the Bath, lotion and powder from the range.

JOHNSON’S promote a 3-step bedtime routine which has been shown to help little ones sleep much better within one week. The routine is simple, bath, massage and quiet time, all of which are aimed at helping your little one fall asleep quicker and for longer time periods making you in turn get a better nights sleep!

I believe that routine is great for kids, especially in the early days having a little bedtime routine that you follow quite regularly in my opinion really helps your little one (or it did for Mini) unwind, relax and get into bedtime mode. We recently switched back to bath time’s mostly at night for the winter (As we had been doing them in the morning during the summer), so have incorporated these products over the last month or so.

Baby Bath:

We add this to her bath, it makes gorgeous bubbles, which she loves! Bubble beards and mohawks all round! It is really mild so no tears or red eyes which is a major plus, The scent is NaturalCalm which seems to be a mixture of aromas, but it is really light and pleasant. I find this bath makes her skin really smooth and soft, even when dried.



We used to do baby massage regularly when she was smaller but now she’s more grown up we don’t do it as much. Instead we use this as more like a moisturiser. She loves to get it on though and will stand infront of me holding out her arms or step each leg forward individually to have it applied. It is really light texture, very silky and not sticky, so great for after bedtime, it absorbs quickly into the skin too making easy to use before dressing. The scent is again NaturalCalm, perfect for baby massage!



Powder isn’t something we use a whole lot but when we received this we started to incorporate alternatively with the lotion. Mini loves this! I think it’s the novelty of the powder, she holds her wee hand out for it and pats it gently into her arms or tummy! So cute. It really does leave her skin feeling really soft and smelling gorgeous! This is probably my fave product out of the three (shh don’t tell Mini but I do use it the odd time myself too and love it!).


I would say after using these products she always seems quite relaxed ( though she is a brilliant sleeper and goes to bed well anyway) but this does she to have a somewhat calming effect. We really like these products and would repurchase them in the future!

(** all my views expressed are 100% open, honest and my own. These products were gifted in return for a honest review)


My Style: Harry Potter Christmas Tree



I’m a total Harry Potter geek, have been ever since the very first book came out all those years ago. I never get tired of the books, the films, Harry in general! I have a few little nods to Harry potter in our home including a framed collage of illustrated/printed book pages which I love. In the run up to Christmas I started to plan what to do with our corner tree we put up each year in the porch. Normally it is themed, last year being vintage toys, this year I wanted something different. Then it dawned on me, lets have a Harry Potter tree! I was mega excited hubby was less so (safe to say he’s not a potter fan). But my mind was set I was going to do a Harry Potter theme, but how? Or with what decorations. Well I searched online but prices are, well, pricey for official Potter xmas decs so I decided to do 99.9% of them homemade. I was slightly worried it was going to turn out like a school art project but I gave it a go and to be honest i’m pleased with it.

harry potter tree

(It’s quite hard to get good pics of the tree because some of the decorations are so small or the lights funny in the porch so bear with me)

Here’s what I have on the tree :

Instead of a star we have Hedwig- this is the only official potter item on the tree and is actually Mini’s puppet that I got her from the Warner bros studio tour. I think it looks brilliant on the top.

In Hedwig’s foot I printed off some daily prophet pages and rolled so she’s holding it like owl post.

Below her is a number of clear glass baubles I decorated myself. I printed off different pictures including the hogwarts crest, butterbeer emblem etc. Then inserted into the baubles and added glitter etc.

harry potter 2

I made some rustic bunting in the gryffindor colours and strung this down the tree.

I bought some pipecleaners and made mini tinsel in all the house colours which is also dotted about the tree.

I made a number of card decorations including a glittery dobby, a couple of potions/spell bottles, a platform 9/3 ticket and wall.

I also made some snitches, with gold baubles and glittery wings and a few flying keys using antique keys and glittery wings. I have another few daily prophet papers rolled through it too as well as well as a pair of luna lovegoods glasses.

I have a teeny dragon (finger puppet) sitting above my homemade Gringotts glass bauble.

I bought a few decorations that I thought suited the tree theme such as bronze deer (to represent Harry’s Patronus) and also a decoration of two deer beside a frozen lake.

Another shop bought decoration was a embellished glass gold egg which I thought tied in with the egg in harry potter triwizard tournament. I got a few black diamond decorations too for the bottom of the tree which are like little horcrux’s.

To finish I added lights, I didn’t want modern white lights but instead found gorgeous antique style candle lights which suit the tree beautifully. The finial touch was 3 teeny laterns in antique gold colour that match perfectly.

Overall I love my little tree. It’s something different, a bit of fun.