Buying our first family home..


 (The back of our previous house)

Owning our own home has always been a goal of hubby’s and I. With hubby being a joiner he’s always chatted about what he wanted to do, or build in his own home. When we got engaged we starting looking into houses, but we couldn’t decide on where we were going to live longer term, with me wanting to live on the north coast where I grew up and hubby wanting to live to nearer to where he grew up in co. down. So after we got married we decided to rent to begin with in my home town whilst I studied nursing. As soon as I was done we moved to another rented house in the countryside but nearer hubby’s home town. We decided to see how we felt living there for a bit before we settled down and bought a house. Then our little Mini arrived and we really wanted to put down roots for her, I didn’t like the thought of possibly moving to a number of different properties when she was little, so we started to think about buying our first home. The market is considered a “buyers market” at least in N.ireland anyway and lots of people we know who are “our age” aka early to mid 20’s are buying or have bought property recently including my little sister and her fiance.  We wanted to take advantage of the great property prices and decided to go ahead and buy a property last year. With that decided we had to decide on location, and we finally did. Well after much deliberation and a bit of  persuasion from hubby, we decided we should stay in this area and put down roots. So the location was decided upon, but that was the easy part!

The next bit was the mortgage, i’ll never forget hubby saying to me in the kitchen one evening, “where do we even begin with going about getting one?” My thought was, your asking the wrong person, I had literally no clue, none, nothing, not even an inkling. There just seemed like there were far too many things to consider when looking into a mortgage, how much could we borrow? how much of a deposit would we need? Which type of mortgage should we go for and so on? So we did what everyone seems to do these days we got the laptop out and had a nosy online for the answers. It didn’t take long before we quickly started to get the grips with the relevant info.

We found it helpful to use tools like the online Mortgage calculator from Santander. The Santander mortgage calculator is simple and easy to use, with four short steps to complete you find out your result of how much you can potentially borrow. As well as this Santander have a fab budget planning tool. Budget planning is so crucial when considering a mortgage. It’s really important to take a proper look at the ingoing and outgoings of all finances within the household per month to gauge if a mortgage is a suitable option especially long term. The Santander website has a great Mortgage Budget planner which can help give you a great visual on your monthly budget, which I think is really handy.

We used a combination of online tools like the Santander mortgage calculator and an adviser to set our mortgage in place and finally after a short time searching for a property we found our lovely little home of our own, purchased it before Christmas and moved in two weeks ago and we could not be happier!

*This post contains a sponsored link but as always my views are 100% honest and my own*

Presents in the postbox


Original source unknown: Pinterest 

Mini thinks our postman delivers presents.Like he’s some kind of all year round Santa.  She gets excited when she sees any delivery van arrive at the house, as she knows 9 times out of 10 what he is delivering will be for her. I suppose I can’t blame her for assuming this, especially since everything I seem to buy online is for her  and being a “blogger” I on occasions get sent lovely little bits and bobs through the post, which are normally for her also, reinforcing the every parcel is for Mini idea.

It’s hard not to think, that her excitement over the post is cute and I know where she gets it from, because I love “happy mail” too!  It’s always a nice pick me up to receive something lovely in the post.  Especially if you know you got a cracking deal on that lovely item. Now I assure you I am not a shopaholic, far from it, I wouldn’t say I buy more than a couple things per month online and these are not mega pricey purchases perfect example today’s online purchase that arrived was mike the knight stickers costing grand total of £2, woah i’m a big spender! I do like a little mosey online though at bargains and offers, especially  in the evenings with a cuppa in hand and pjs on (aka me time)! Ahh lovely.

Of course it is lovely to receive parcels in the post but sometimes it’s even nicer to send something to someone. I love sending parcels or packages to others. You guys have seen my number of box swaps I have been involved in with other bloggers sending them a little parcel of goodies and receiving one in return. I sometimes send my mum a little happy parcel or a friend etc, I think it’s a lovely way to brighten up someone’s day. I also do a fair bit of online selling, some months more than others. I used to do alot when I was crafting loads more and would send off my little creations to London, Poland, Germany.. and so on. More recently I have been selling bits and bobs on ebay and some preloved selling groups.I normally send my parcels via my local post office, but sometimes with a toddler and depending on the weather , getting out to the post office is easier said than done. But hurrah, there is an easier option. You can now send parcels to the UK and abroad directly from the comfort of your home, using a courier & parcel delivery service such as the one available through (**) TNT direct. I love the idea of not having to brave the weather, struggle with a pram through crowds and stand in a queue for ages all to post a parcel, instead do a few easy steps online, print the postage label and have the item collected and delivered for the next day all from the comfort of my sofa. How fab is that!