diet chef

The 4th and final week of my Diet Chef experience is done and dusted. In my final week I reached my goal of total weight loss of  10lbs woohoo! I’m really pleased, as I was desperate to start shifting the weight again and although I have at least double that still to loose I feel a little sense of accomplishment losing the 10lb so far.

I followed the 4 week plan which works out at £63.21 per week , the 8 week plan is currently on offer costing £41.25 per week. Included in my plan was 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners and 28 snacks. Each day following the plan I roughly consumed 1200 calories.


During my four weeks on diet chef I have been asked some similar questions time and time again by a number of lovely different people so I thought I’d share some of them and my answers:

How did I find it: Over all, I found it okay. I have to admit I did struggle with the fact that everything I was eating was a “ready-made meal” as I don’t normally/ ever eat ready-meals, especially microwaved ones so this took a good deal of adjustment.  I did however settle into the routine pretty quickly and having a set plan to follow really helped me ignore cravings.

What does the food really taste like? Having tried a few “meal replacement” diets in my time, I can honestly say my expectations were not set that high in regards to how the food would taste. I was however pleasantly surprised as most of the food did taste good. The breakfasts were all nice, especially the cookies and oat bars. I actually wish I had chosen more of the breakfast cookies as I really could eat them everyday they were so nice. The soups 99% of the time  were lovely, there was the odd one I wasn’t overly keen on like the curried parsnip soup. But apart from that the rest were nice. I really enjoyed the pasta and couscous pots, these were lovely warm but light lunches and really nice with salads. Dinners were a little hit or miss for me. Some I loved, like the veggie curry, this was gorgeous,  I could have ate this happily ever night, others were not so nice like the veggie korma, which had huge chunks of the soya pieces and only a teeny bit of sauce which I didn’t like. However I subbed the bits I didn’t like of any meal, like the soy pieces for fresh cooked or raw veg. The snacks are all lovely. I really enjoyed being able to still have a nibble in the evening with a cuppa or have some popcorn with hubby whilst watching movies at the weekend.

Is it difficult to stick to? yes and no. Yes at times I found it hard to stick to for a couple reasons. One if we were out of the house for say a few hours in town or out to a friend/families house, I had to either bring the diet chef meal with me  just incase we stayed for lunch/dinner and I then would have it instead of the food my family member or friend cooked. Sticking to the plan meant loosing spontaneity food wise and I struggled at times with that. I also struggled at family meal times, especially as I cook all the food at home and I was cooking Mini and hubby lovely fresh cooked dinners and microwaving my own which at times I struggled with.  On the other hand it wasn’t difficult- as the pounds started to come off I was motivated to continue and this spurred me on to stick to the programme and give it 100%. As time went on it did get easier.

Would  you do it for longer than a month? Yes I would, loosing the 10lbs was great but I need to lose another 20lb+ so I would continue with the plan if I was a dietchef subscriber. I think once you have done a month of the programme it would be much easier to carry on.

What are you going to do after it?  I am continuing my healthier eating, I am going dairy free again and am upping my exercise in hope that I will continue with my  weightloss.


(please excuse the severe lack of make-up, major hair roots and car boot lid in the background- keeping it real/classy ;) !)

I have enjoyed trailing dietchef this past month. I can really say honestly that if you stick to the programme you can and will loose weight!

(* I was sent a 4week trail in return for review as always my views are 100% my own and honest)


Hair of the Dog

We spent another lovely weekend up at my parents house whilst hubby worked. My parents new little dog Darcy (old english sheepdog) is getting so big, shes 10 weeks now and Mini is as obsessed with her as Darcy is with Mini. They are a crazy pair when they get together. Darcy is in that boisterous stage of see it, eat it, dig it, roll in it. She’s lucky she is so cute, I tell you. They where comical to watch, between Mini running after Darcy trying to stick stickers to her hair, Darcy running after Mini trying to get the stickers. Mini pulling Darcy across the floor, two minutes later Mini would be running past with Darcy attached to her dressing gown belt or being pulled along by Darcy . Ahh just cuteness!

When we arrived on Friday afternoon we were greeted by a gorgeously clean and fluffy Darcy, 2 hours later after Darcy was in the garden literally two minutes on her own with the other two dogs she was upside down, back legs sticking out of the flower bed, her head buried, digging up my dads daffodils. There was nothing for it, she had to have a shower, immediately.


(What is the deal with toddlers and their obsession with water? Or is it just my toddler?)

Now showering a puppy is a feet in itself, add a toddler to that scenario, well you have your work cut out for you.
There was however no chance that Mini was not going to “help”  wash Darcy with Nannie. So we all crammed into my childhood playrooms ensuite to get this mucky pup clean. Mini was actually quite helpful, granted she did pour a mega amount of puppy shampoo on Darcy and attempt to “dry” her aka throw the towel into the shower tray whilst the water was still going but apart from that big thumbs up for helping little lady! She is such a sensitive soul  though (like her mummy!) and she got a little upset when Darcy was whinning a little as it is only her 3rd shower. She did so well though and Mini kept trying to reassure her which was really sweet. She was all chuffed to get to help hair dry her after too. Darcy was less chuffed!

I am mega mega chuffed however that I didn’t get another pup at the same time as mum, as I have realised (don’t tell hubby) that he was right, we defo do not need another dog in our house anytime soon. Nice to have a puppy to cuddle and play with but hand back at the end of the weekend haha.