Dog vs Toddler

September, how I love you! The sun has come back from it’s holiday it took way back in august and actually decided to stick around for more than a day! Wohoo! Mini & I have taken full advantage and opted to do 99.9% of things outside including have lunch, snacks, even snoozes (her not me) outside these past few days. Over these out doorsy days a little friendship has bloomed between Mini and our little schnoodle we nickname “Doos” (I promise just like Mini his real name is alot more normal, but doo’s is easy for mini to say, so doos it is) any how. Doo’s has always tolerated Mini, he likes her at a distance, he loved her when she was teeny tiny and didn’t move. But once she got on her feet and he became a target to be hugged, squeezed and generally squished daily so since then he’s always been quite distant with her. He was a pre-baby dog, yeh the type that actually thinks they are a human, that they are your human child. So having a baby come in and take his place, has taken a  bit of adjusting for him. However in recent weeks there seems to have been a little shift in the toddler-dog relationship, dare I say it they have become *whispers* friends!

dogdaysThe battles of who’s top dog/more important seem to have been put to one side and they now seem to be a lot more accepting and happy not only be in each others company but to spend time together, which is lovely. Mini is really loving trying to “look  after him”. She helps me feed him, let him outside into garden and call him back in. She calls him up onto the sofa, shares little snacks with him, gives him little toys to play with and so on. With us spending so much time outside they have had a ball, chasing well a ball haha around the garden, running after each other in circles, and going for little walks down the field. The bond developing is so sweet!

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Mini & Muddles Launched

Finally Mini & Muddles is actually up and running :) Yay! For a bit there I thought i’d never get back to sewing properly or ever get as far as finishing a blanket let alone having a table at a local craft fair, but I did just that. Last Sunday despite being as they say as “sick as a dog”, I did a local Irish craft fair with the help of my mum. It was quite a proud moment to see all my handmade bits and bobs set up together amongst other crafter’s stalls. I got lots of lovely compliments about my pieces and a few sales, so over all it was a success. I have booked a stall at a local NCT fair in October so hoping this fair will be more tailored to what I sell.



Left- right: double sided lion ruffle fleece, tooth fairy pillows

baby bibs, apron(s)

Organic wooden teething rings, lion ruffle fleece, scooter cotbed fleece backed blanket.

In the coming weeks i’m hoping to start uploading items onto etsy and start promoting and selling through twitter again! If you don’t already pop by and follow Mini&Muddles twitter here and say hey! I am going to start doing custom orders again as well as making more of my handmade and painted wooden stockings that were such a hit last year (sold under elliebearbabi – my original craft co name) and maybe make some more custom fabric stockings a few of you lovelies ordered from me last year too.

I’m really excited to be doing this again, I feel all creative and really am enjoying getting back into the sewing. I am taking teeny tiny baby steps so as not to overwhelm myself like I did last time. I ended up doing so many orders I basically burnt out by Christmas, hence the big break and rebrand. Any hoo keep an eye out for new bits and bobs and any custom orders or questions give me a shout! :)