Easy Christmas “no” bakes little ones will love

Christmas has taken over, the decorations are half up, the rest will be put up over this weekend. The harry potter Christmas tree is basically done! Yes a Harry Potter tree i’m really pleased with it, it’s just a small corner tree in the porch which I decided to have a bit of fun with this year.. I will do a little post on it soon, yes i’m a total geek! Aside from the Christmas decorations I have been doing some more Christmas crafty things with Mini over the last few weeks, which has been so much fun. I wanted to share with you two really fun easy “baking” (without actually baking) activities that all little ones will love!

Firstly Melted Snowmen biscuits, for this you will need: Gingernut biscuits, Marshmallows, Icing sugar, Icing pens

These are so easy to make, but also so much fun! Firstly make the icing sugar up, then cut the marshmallows in half. Take a gingernut biscuit, add a dot of icing sugar in the middle of the biscuit and place the marshmallow on top ( this “glues” the marshmallow to the biscuit). Then take a spoon full of the icing sugar and pour over the marshmallow, it will run over it, covering it and also dripping down the sides. Giving you the “melted snow” look. I popped ours into the fridge at this stage for 5 mins to let them set. Once set get the icing pens and get designing your little snowmen. so simple. Mini had so much fun even though her snowmen looked more like melted rainbows to be honest. She gave hubby one as soon as he arrived home saying “daddy soomen bicket” beyond cute!


We also made “no bake” gingerbread houses that afternoon too. I love gingerbread and making gingerbread houses but boy do they take hours and hours to do, or is that just me? I spotted this idea on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a go, I’m quite chuffed with how well our little houseys turned out!

You need: A packet of  butter and chocolate biscuits (sorry I’ve forgotten the proper name :/ )  I got our’s from lidl their own brand. Icing sugar,  Whatever sweets, decorations you fancy, we used a mix of sprinkles and jelly sweets.

To make: this could not be simpler. Take three biscuits, place the chocolate side down on your plate/ surface, get your icing sugar and put some down both sides then place the other two biscuits on their sides, making a triangle/ house shape (see below) Make sure you have the biscuit side facing out as it looks like the gingerbread. Add some icing to the middle/top to glue the two biscuits together. I then set ours into the fridge for 5 mins to set. Once set, you can get decorating. This was probably the most enjoyable out of the two for Mini as I gave her free rein with the icing sugar, sprinkles and sweets. The end result with some help from me turned out so cute! They didn’t last long though as they were so yummy. This is a really nice easy activity that would be perfect for say a Christmas play date, kids Christmas party or maybe as a biscuit for Santa?


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Table Table – Family Lunch

I was recently offered the chance to head to the Riverside Table Table restaurant in Coleraine for a family meal, to try out their new Autumn Menu. As my parents live on the North Coast,  Mini and I popped up for a visit and took them out with us for the lovely lunch!

tabletableI  had been to Table Table once before when I was expecting Mini so over two  years ago, but couldn’t remember much about it and my parents had never been, so we were keen to see what it was like. The restaurant it’s self  is really nice, the interior decor is really plush and stylish. They had some of the Christmas decorations up which was a hit with Mini. The staff were so friendly, we were greeted as soon as we walked through the door and shown to a lovely table beside the window. The lady serving us was brilliant she got Mini a highchair as well as a little colouring book and crayons. Inside the book was a page with stickers on it, which for Mini was like Christmas had come early as she’s obsessed with stickers.


We were shown the lunch special menu as well as the main menu’s and the fab little kids menu.  The lady told us that kids eat free before 5pm, how great is that! The prices for the kids menu is fantastic, for kids main meals which you can add a starter or desert too for free is only £3.99.  The variety of choices on menu for kids is great, there really is an option for every little one. We went with the pop-pin’ chicken for Mini with a side of chips and garden peas.

The main menu (adult menu)  it’s self is really well set out and everything sounded so good, it was hard to choose what to have. In the end I choose the Beer battered cod & chips (£9.29) This is served with an option of chips or fries (I opted for chips) and mushy or garden peas (I choose garden) as well as tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon. Mum went for the Wild Salmon with Bearnaise sauce (£9.99) This came with the option of buttered or garlic potatoes (mum took buttered) and seasonal vegetables. Dad loves his salads so he opted for the Flat iron steak salad (£9.79) Slices of freshly grilled flat iron steak served with lettuce, red onion, tomato, celery and red pepper. Served with blue cheese, ranch or lemon and herb dressing.


The meals arrived really quickly and all were presented really well and were lovely and hot (one of my pet peeves is when meals arrive only luke warm in restaurants). Everything looked so appetising! All the portion sizes were generous, including Mini’s (we actually transferred a smaller amount onto a side plate so she could fit it on her high chair beside her precious stickers!) The chicken in Mini’s pop-pin’s was proper chicken which is really important to me when feeding it to my little one.

My beer battered cod was amazing, honestly so yummy, the batter was so crisp and the fish was cooked perfectly. Dad tried some and loved it too. Sometimes in restaurants the chips can be greasy or the opposite dried out almost, these were just nice crispy chips, like those nice homemade style ones that make you wanna eat every last one.

Mum loved her Salmon, I wouldn’t say mum’s a picky eater, but it takes a meal to be really good for her to like it. The Salmon was a big hit with mum, she commented on how really delicious it was and how she loved the whole meal. Dad also enjoyed his salad, the steak was cooked just as he liked it ( he was asked how he preferred his steak to be cooked, rare, so on, which was a great touch).

tabletable2Puddings: I have such a sweet tooth and so does Mini and my mum, so as soon as our meals were over the pudding menu came out. The kids menu has again lots of lovely options, Mini loves ice cream but also fruit so I went with the banana split for her. Such a good choice, when it arrived her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She couldn’t believe it was for her. She ate every single mouthful and loved it!

I decided to be super good and went with a peppermint tea instead of pudding (oh this was hard as the puddings looked so amazing!), dad went with a Costa Coffee. He’s a bit of a coffee buff so he was super impressed that it was in his words “proper good coffee” being served. Mum couldn’t resist the pudding menu and went with the Banana waffle (£3.99) A Belgian waffle topped with a helping of banana , a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with warm toffee sauce. She said it was lovely. It looked so nice, I secretly wished I had ordered one myself!

Over all our meals were brilliant. The service was top notch and we all had a really good enjoyable lunch. We were offered a loyalty card which dad immediately took as he was so impressed he’s going to go back soon. Mum and dad both commented on how great they thought the food was and how they would go back again soon for another meal. The prices are so good for both lunch menu and main menu that it makes family meals out really affordable, or a perfect place to stop for lunch if out and about shopping etc.  After having such a good meal, I want to go with hubby there soon for a little “date night” meal.

(* I was sent a voucher for the meal in return for this post, however as always my views are 100% my own and honest.*)