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Mini is really Mini, I mean shape wise. She has gotten taller but she is still like a little fairy, fine featured and quite slim. Example shes 19 months but has a pair of shorts that still fit size 9months. She has a wardrobe full of lovely trousers and jeans but we hardly get any wear out of them as although they fit length wise they fall down off her teeny wee waist. I had looked in local shops for a belt small enough for her but to no avail. I gave up looking, folded up the jeans and trousers and put to back of the wardrobe replacing them with Mini sized leggings. Then the opportunity came up to review (**) a toddler belt from Easybelts.  We got to choose a belt perfectly suited for Mini, we went with the 16  inch pink belt with a butterfly motif.


This little belt is fastened with velcro, so no fiddling with belt holes or straps. The velcro also means I can adjust the belt to exactly  the right position to fit Mini’s waist which I couldn’t do with a belt with belt holes.  As mini grows and is able to start to dress herself more she will be able to do this belt herself too which is great as it will help promote independence.

The belt is really cute, we went with pink as it will match most things Mini has in her wardrobe, but they also have gorgeous, purple, black, blue, brown, navy and grey belts available. There is a belt for every taste and of course size. The belt is just the right width without being too wide. The quality is great, and velcro really stays put well.

Mini must have felt comfortable with it on, as she didn’t attempt to take it off or pull at it, which was something I thought she might do. It’s so cute that she can wear a belt but also brilliant that I can finally put on age appropriate trousers and they will stay up, yay! (Please excuse some slightly blurry photo’s getting a toddler to stay still isn’t something ive quite mastered yet!).


These belts would be great during the potty training stage too, when you want little ones to be able to use the toilet independently, this belt is so easy for them to use it will not hinder them opening or closing trousers etc. Easybelts also stock a brilliant range for teens and adults have a look here.

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  1. Kate @ Family Fever

    We have the same problem with Jacob. At the age of 6, he still wears age 3-4 shorts as he is such a skinny little thing! We have an Easybelt though, and I have to say that it has made life a lot easier – getting school trousers in a size 3-4 was proving tricky! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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