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I first came across My Nametags in a Nonabox and to be honest I didn’t really like the sample stickers. My Nametags reached out to me afterwards and asked would I like to choose a set of stickers to see if I liked them if they were more tailored to us.  We were more than happy to have a peek at their site and see if anything suited Mini. They have a brilliant choice of sticker colours, pattern and images as well as font styles to choose from.

stickersWe chose 3 different designs (**) : A pink set of stick on stickers with star print background, a lady bird decal and Mini’s blog nickname “Mini” printed on them. The second set are also stick on, again pink,but with a spot print and a horse decal as Mini loves horses and her actual name printed on these. The final design are pink too with a dot background and a bluebird decal and her name again, these are slightly different as they are iron on instead of stick.

My Nametags are quite genius in their design, they look like ordinary stickers yet they stick to clothing labels, shoes, plates, cups etc and are dishwasher and washing machine safe. Yep that’s right they won’t come off in the wash, even though they are just stuck on, how fab is that!

Mini isn’t at the school stage yet,but I remember all too well how big a task it was for mum to sit and sew name tags into all our school uniforms and bags etc. These tags make it so quick and easy to tag/ identify your kids belongings as theirs for school/ clubs or even at home. Literally stick and go! Once they are on they are really secure so no worries of them falling off.

I have used some of the stick on Mini stickers on Mini’s cup and a few toys she plays with in the bath to test them out. They are great, they haven’t budged at all or lost their colour or faded even a little, so big thumbs up. I have ironed on the other labels onto a few of her coats again, it is so easy to do and they really don’t budge even through the wash.

I really like these, they are so simple, easy to use and really really work! They are defo going to be the answer to all my name labeling dilemma’s for sure over the coming years!

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